Music is as important as design and illustration in my life. In London I run and DJ at the indiepop club night Librarians Wanted with my friends David Ferreira and Rupert Gowar-Cliffe, and I’m part of the net label EardrumsPop where we release music we love – for free. In addition I run the indiepop festival Indiefjord on the Norwegian west-coast with my family. I just I love designing for bands, and my illustrations and designs are often inspired by the music I listen to.

Funtimes at Librarians Wanted, photo by John Jeffreys.

Here is a playlist for whenever you’re crushing on someone, or just crushing on life. <3

Love is a mix tape

And here is my imaginary/dream Rockefeller/John Dee line-up.

Kill the music and the party dies…

And here is a covers compilation I made…

commuter covers

Below are my “life” playlists, named by the amount of years + life events, happy and sad memories. I add to them whenever I hear a significant song for my life at that moment.

33.5 – happiness does not wait ///
*previously called “defining moments / beautiful problems”, but I changed the title after hearing the most fitting song one August Sunday eve.

33 – lost / found / no longer young

32.5 – first day of my life / alright 

32 – northern lights / it will be okay *this one isn’t very organised towards the end, so play in random order or rewind to 31.5.

31.5 – new beginnings (reboot)

31 – rip it up and start again

30 – Festivals, Friends and Fjords

29 – year of choices

28 / 5 years in London


And here are my playlists featuring bands that have played Indiefjord:

Indiefjord 2016

Indiefjord 2015

Indiefjord 2014

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